What I do:

Income Taxes:

Form 1040, Personal Returns, which include:

  • Itemized Deductions
  • Small Businesses
  • Rental properties
  • Stock/Capital sales - gains & losses
  • Royalties, including oil & gas or book income.
  • K—1’s from partnerships & S corporations 
  • and other tax issues, including state returns, whether 1 state or multi-state returns. 
  • As part of services to Small Businesses and Rental Properties, I can help you pick the right business structure, create LLC’s/ corporations (typically LLC’s in Michigan) and implement the structure. 

Estate Planning

  • Trusts - I generally recommend revocable living trusts, which provide flexibiliy and control while you are alive, and simplify the disposition of your property after you are gone. 
  • Wills - a will is necessary, even if you have a trust
  • Powers of attorney and Medical Powers of attorney


There are many times when probate is helpful and even necessary. While having a trust can avoid probate, there can be (politely) disagreements between beneficiaries, assets discovered outside the trust, and/or unexpected legal complexities: all situations where is necessary for an authority making a binding decision. 

I can prepare the documents to create an estate, represent an estate, or represent beneficiaries in claims against the estate. 

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