A T-Shirt Quilt I received for Christmas with some of the races I’ve done.

Running in Grand Haven is always an adventure! In the picture above, I’m heading out to run in a gale – the wind was about 35 MPH down at the beach, which is exciting, and then there is running on the sandbags where the water is over the road. On days that the wind isn’t as strong, running on the pier, with the waves breaking over it, is a thrill – and the lake is beautiful.

Didn’t do all I planned this year – ran the 25K in Grand Rapids in early May, then discovered 2 days later that the retina in my right eye had detached – so spent 10 weeks recovering from surgery, which went perfectly – got my vision back 100%, which is the critical thing. Did the 1/2 marathon in Spring Lake in September, and will train for 2020.


The big race of the year was that I finished the Steelhead Ironman 70.3! 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run. Lake Michigan had a 2-3’ chop, which made for a challenging swim, and by the time I got to the run, it was effectively 90 degrees, full sun and little breeze. so finishing was an accomplishment!.

Finishing the run – almost to the finish line!

Running in the heat – slowly.

Still biking

Biking – stronger at first.


Finished Grand Haven Triathlon – first in my age group!

Finished the Grand Rapids Triathlon, June, 2018

Finished Bear Lake Olympic Triathlon – and first in my age group! the only one in my age group, but it still counts.

Finished the 25K at the Grand Rapids River Run, 6/2018. I havn’t run that far in a lot of years!


The big race of the year – finished a 70.3 Ironman Triathlon at Michigan Titanium in Grand Rapids 08/20.


…and my support staff running across the line with me! actually finished in 8 hours 10 minutes, the clock shows 9 because the full length group went out an hour earlier.


July 30, 2017. Did the Coast Guard City Century Tour in Grand Haven – a 100 mile bike ride, starting in Grand Haven, going north up to Muskegon, east over to Allendale, south down to Holland, and then back up to Grand Haven. A LONG ride – I have never ridden that far before. I’d done a 60 mile ride, and didn’t think it would be that different, but at about 65 miles my legs began to protest. Before the race, I was looking at the group of about 80-100 people, all in bike spandex, and concluded that I’m going to be at the end of the pack – and I was. But it was a beautiful day for a ride, sunny with a cool breeze. I finished in 8 hours, 15 minutes, and everyone had gone home by then! So I didn’t get any pictures (again).


I signed up for the Grand Haven Triathlon on July 9th, but it was cancelled. Grand Haven had a huge storm a few days before, and the bike course was unusable. Since I had paid for a hotel, I went to Grand Haven, swam a mile in Lake Michigan and then ran 12 miles – my own mini-triathlon.


Finished the Grand Rapids Olympic Triathlon in Ada on June 11th. Don’t have any pictures – the triathlon is about a mile from parking, so family went shopping instead of stand in the sun, and I didn’t seem to be photogenic enough that the course photographers took any pictures of me. Was 3rd in my age group! Was a really nice swim and bike, but was in the 80’s by the time for the run. I kept putting ice under my hat, which helped a lot, but may explain why they didn’t take any pictures of me.


Finished the Bear Lake Park Triathlon in Muskegon, 05/28/17 – did the Olympic Length. That was a hard one! Still hadn’t recovered from the 51 mile bike ride the week before. Got a medal for 1st in my age group – I was the only one in my age group, but that just the small print.


Finishing up the Zoo de Mac, May, 2017. A 51 mile bike from Boyne Highlands to Mackinaw City – the first 25 miles wasn’t bad (very pretty, actually) but the remaining 26 miles were into a headwind of 15-20 MPH.


Running in the Grand Rapids River Run, May, 2017 – a group of us ran the 10K.


Before the start of the Grand Rapids Zombie run a 5K where we were chased by Zombies. the white strips on our pants were our ‘lives’ – if the zombies got all 3, bad. I lost 2 of mine – those zombies were fast!


Heather and I running the Detroit 1/2 marathon – this is just coming out of the tunnel back into the US.


Finishing at the Lansing River Run 1/2 Marathon – I don’t think I was quite as tired as I look



Heather and I finishing at Reeds Lake Sprint Triathlon. It was Heather’s first triathlon, and her bike wasn’t working right – she had only a low and a high gear, which made for a long bike ride. But we finished!



My trophy from the Michigan Titanium Triathlon – which looks a lot better than it actually was: I was 2nd in my age group (65+) out of the 3 of us doing the Olympic distance, but it still looks nice!



After the Mercy Health Tour de Rapids: from left to right, me, Kristen Vandyke, Heather Wallace, Liam Wallace, and Tim Johnson. Liam, Tim and I did the 60 mile ride, Heather and Kristen did the 10 mile ride. The first 2 hours of the ride was rain and a headwind, which finally stopped and the sun came out as we finished. It was a great experience, the longest bike ride I’ve done.


Finishing the 26 mile bike at the Millennium (MilTri) Triathlon in Grand Rapids. Did finish 2nd in my age group, but there were only 2 in my age group.


July, 2016 – we finished the Insane Inflatable 5K, climbing over stuff in the rain – it was fun!

Heather, me, Holly & Bella (clockwise from the top left)



Finishing Island Lake Fall Triathlon, Sept, 2015 – I did the Olympic length, and it was 85-90 degrees with 85-90 percent humidity – the run was brutal. I took second place, but there were only 2 in my age group.  There are some advantages to getting older.

Finishing the Grand Haven Triathlon – did an Olympic length (1500M swim 40K bike, 10K run) for the first time. The water in lake Michigan was about 55 degrees and I didn’t have a wet suit, a poor choice. But it was fun!



Finishing the bike part of the Ada sprint triathlon, May, 2014.

This is me, August 2013, after completing the mud run in Grand Rapids. It was fun!