Planning with Inadequate Inforamtion

Because the information you have to work with will NEVER be completely adequate. It’s just the way the world is.

It is said that people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.  But everyone plans, as they see it. Why don’t their plans work? Because their mental model is a Newtonian world, gears and levers, where you can completely know the world. So people plan, certain in their assumptions, confidently making linear projections of a known past into the future. Confidently off a cliff.

It’s not a gears & levers world: it’s a systems world, non-linear and not consistent with the past. You can’t know everything about anything. We can never have adequate information.

Compounding the problem is the nature of our written narratives, our ‘stories’, which we are taught to make logical and linear. As a result, once we start our plans, we can’t change.

This book applies visual tools to help us work with the non-linear nature of the world, techniques to help us track and adjust as events change our plans and our goals move.

I’ve been interested in planning and project management for many years. The following pages discuss some of my interests:

Risk Management

Process Improvement